San Marco

South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church

For over 20 years South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church has hosted Life Renewed Counseling in an office located behind the church. This partnership with South Jax has been important in changing so many lives and we are grateful for their long and gracious support. By being located near the heart of the San Marco community we are easy to find.

And, you know life can be better. Through counseling, we’ll help you identify how best to make progress to create a Life Renewed.

It often takes some time to decide you need counseling. No matter the circumstances that led you here, we want to help. We have highly trained therapists that will help you, your family, or partner in San Marco and the beaches.

Moreover, they are trained to listen in depth, to understand without judging, and to provide the support the need of each person to develop more excellent balance in living, loving and finding peace from within. Whether you are seeking individual counseling, marriage counseling or family counseling – we can help. Whether you are in San Marco – Jacksonville or at the beaches. The first step is to continue to do what you are doing. Searching for answers to find the right fit. Once you are ready, all you need to do is call (904) 398-2437 and dial extension 103 if you do not have a specific counselor in mind. Or Request Appointment for a particular mental health therapist. From that point forward, we will walk you through to your first appointment and what to expect.
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San Marco Office
Our home for over 20 years
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