Since 1971 Life Renewed Counseling (LRC) has been committed to providing affordable, faith honoring counseling to the North Florida region. We are able to make counseling accessible through the donations of our partnering faith communities, foundations, and individual donors.

Seeking help can being an intimidating process but Life Renewed Counseling stands as a place of hope and refuge from the emotional storms life throws your way. We are here as a source of healing and growth by providing affordable faith-honoring counseling. Theology and psychology are not mutually exclusive. We believe in approaching difficult issues in an holistic way, honoring the fullness of humanity.

If you are ready to grow, heal, or start on a new path – Life Renewed Counseling is ready to join you.

A Short History
of Life Renewed Counseling

We started off as Pastoral Counseling Services when the practice of Pastoral Counseling was a distinct specialization of ministry and formal discipline came into being in the early 1960’s.

The group of pioneers who formed the American Association of Pastoral Counselors in 1963 no doubt were influenced by many factors. However, in their writings and reflections, one thing stands out in particular. They were motivated by a vision of relational healing.

They saw the basic human predicament as a thicket of broken and wounded relationships in need of restoration. They were searching for ways to foster the healing of relationships. They held the common convictions that to be engaged in such healing work was to be engaged in the work of God.

The quote below was written in the summer of 1996 yet eloquently depicts the essence of Pastoral Counseling Services, still serving the community of Northeast Florida in the 21st century.

“In the current climate of psychotherapy, human beings are increasingly treated as problems to be solved quickly. Daniel Day Williams reminds us that this is a woefully misguided approach to the human struggles and agonies that bring people into counseling; and that there is no substitute for relational authenticity in the healing of wounded souls.”

The current “business” of Pastoral Counseling Services, Inc. started in 1971 and recently changed it’s name in 2019 to Life Renewed Counseling (LRC). Throughout the years LRC has fluctuated in size and locations in Northeast Florida. Today LRC is in two locations and remains a place where people of all faiths may come to engage in sacred transformation in a safe and healthy environment, which oftentimes is not available to all members of our community.

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