Our New Name

I am excited to share with you some very BIG NEWS. After two years of hard work, our board and staff have crafted a new mission and vision statement along with a new name. We did not make these changes lightly. Together we worked hard to ensure the changes made would enhance our ability to minister to those in need. 

Our New Mission Statement

To Promote Healing and Growth Through Affordable, Faith-Honoring Counseling.

That says it all; it’s what we do and has done for almost 50 years. This new mission crystalizes our commitment to offering mental health services to those in need and reaffirms our faithfulness to meeting the needs of the underserved.

Our New Vision Statement

A Community Where People are Open to and Embrace Mental Health Counseling.

We’ll never be able to rid our world of pain, grief, suffering or loss, but we can strive to make sure that when those in need reach out for help, they will not be ashamed or stigmatized by receiving the support they seek. 

Our New Name

Our culture has changed, and it left behind terminology like “Pastoral Counseling.” The name itself has been a source of confusion preventing many from reaching out to us. Some do not know the work we do or who we do it for because of the name. We needed a name that would encapsulate the work we do and help us connect with the community we seek to serve. Our new name is…

Life Renewed Counseling

We are so EXCITED! Our core values have not changed, we are the same organization that has been helping people for almost 50 years and will continue to do the same work for the next 50 years. This change enables us to reach more people from different faiths, cultures, races and sexual orientations, who deserve to have an opportunity to quality therapy where one’s faith may be included and honored. Moreover, we remain a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity. 

I hope you understand the need for this transformation and that you will continue to pray for us as we move forward. The place you have supported for so many years is still helping our community heal and grow. Our launch date is June 30th. More information will follow regarding our new website and emails and new satellite location.

Cliff Thomas
Executive Director


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