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The Counseling Scholarship Fund

At Life Renewed Counseling, we understand the desire to make a difference. We are delighted to invite you to invest in our capacity to do that by supporting the Counseling Scholarship Fund and/or the Counseling Scholarship Investment Fund of Life Renewed Counseling.

Through Life Renewed Counseling, there is a unique opportunity to contribute to the mental health wellness of those less fortunate. Your contribution to either fund allows Life Renewed Counseling to fulfill its mission in “Providing healing and growth through affordable, faith-honoring counseling. Life Renewed Counseling has a long-established track record for meeting the needs of our community through counseling since 1971. 

Our objective is clear, to bridge the gap between those who have the means to afford therapy and those who do not; and to offer a safe place where psychology and theology can intersect. We do not simply advocate for mental health; we actively participate in the healing process. We do this by providing state-licensed therapists to meet the behavioral health needs of our clients where the American Counselor Association’s ethics and professional standards are observed

The Counseling Scholarship Fund

Mental health impacts everyone in our society. If we want to move our community forward, we must help those whose lives are affected by mental health issues. We should understand that assisting disadvantaged individuals to gain access to therapy benefits them emotionally and financially.  Learning new coping skills, managing anger, and better communication skills also improve the lives of those who live and work with them. When parents learn better interpersonal skills, their children begin to learn those same skills as well. When children start to change their approach to stressful situations, their friends begin to learn new ways of coping and adjusting to adverse events in their lives. However the number one reason preventing people from seeking out this help is the cost of therapy.

That is why the Counseling Scholarship Fund (CSF) at Life Renewed Counseling (LRC) is vital to our community. Through the generous gifts of individuals, corporations, foundations, and the faith community, we can provide financial assistance for those seeking therapy but cannot afford the total cost of treatment. On average more than 30% of our counseling sessions rely on the aid of the CSF, which allows clients to receive rates as low as $40 per session. The CSF is our front-line resource, giving LRC immediate access to funds and quick adjustment to the given needs.  

 The Counseling Scholarship

Investment Fund

The Counseling Scholarship Investment Fund (CSIF) at Life Renewed Counseling (LRC) is vital to the long-term health of our community. Through additional, more significant contributions, Life Renewed Counseling has set up the Counseling Scholarship Investment Fund. This fund acts similar to the CSF but on an annual basis. The CSIF funds are placed in a conservative investment vehicle managed by our financial advisor, board of directors, and our board emeritus. Each year the CSIF distributes 5% to Life Renewed Counseling’s CSF to help offset the expenses resulting from the distribution of counseling resources. Even if the endowment exceeds expected growth, the endowment will only distribute the maximum amount of funds (5%) each year. Only by 100% of the board’s approval and the approval of the board emeritus may the distribution rate be altered. This endowment helps ensure the long-term ability of LRC to provide reduced fee counseling to those unable to afford the total cost of care. Funding of the CSIF is through substantial cas contributions and planned giving. Planned giving vehicles may include the following:


IRA rollover

Charitable Gift Annuity

Life Insurance

Real Property

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Charitable Lead Trusts

Regardless of a client’s fee, our therapists are compensated for the duties they performed. Each therapist is state licensed and has earned a master’s degree or higher to perform their role as a therapist. There are no limitations for those receiving assistance from the CSF as to how many sessions they may use. We walk with them until their needs are met.

Here is how the CSF works. Those who cannot afford the full payment are ask complete and submit an application along with income verification, if any. Based on household income, number of dependents, extenuating circumstances and a conversation with their therapist, eligibility for the Counseling Scholarship Fund is determined and at what level. This process takes place before their first session to demonstrate to them our commitment in meeting their behavior health needs. In 2020 the average reduction for a session was $49 resulting in an average reduced fee of $61. Recipients of the Counseling Scholarship Fund are not limited in how many sessions they can receive. We work with them until they and their therapist determine that the client has reached their stated goals for counseling. Life Renewed Counseling is here for the long-term solutions to their needs. This long-term approach makes for a healthier person and community.

Donor's Gifts at Work

Emily is a 47-year-old single mother of two. A 14 and 12-year- old. Divorced for seven years, Emily’s ex-husband James is an alcoholic and was having an affair with a former girlfriend which led to their divorce. James works intermittently and does not provide Emily with constant child support. He sees his children infrequently, and when he does, he ex- presses his resentment toward Emily to their children. 

Emily works full-time as a secretary despite suffering from Lupus and arthritis. She looks after her dad and younger sister after the recent death of her mother. Emily struggles financially and with the strain of her mother’s death, her medical issues and caring for her father and sister has developed insomnia and anxiety. With all of the stressors, she is now fighting with her teenage daughter. 

Emily realized that she needed help and reached out to her pastor who referred her to PCS. Through her counseling, she has learned to grieve over the loss of her mother, learned coping strategies for her anxiety and depression, to communicate effectively with her children and developed a healthy self-esteem and relationship with God. 

Without the CSF, this would not have been possible. Emily would not have been able to afford the counseling she needed, and potentially her problems would have continued to compound, leading to a downward spiral. Instead, she is again living a joyful life, helping her children learn healthier patterns of living, and maintaining healthy self-care. Emily received more than $1,000 in reduced fee sessions.

If you would like to know more about Life Renewed Counseling funds please let us know. We will be happy to sit down with you and go through the investment prospectus of both funds. You may call our office at (904) 398-2437 and ask for the Executive Director (Cliff Thomas).

Financial Accountability

100% Financial Accountability

Every dollar we receive is accounted for and used wisely. Donors help ensure everyone can get the help they need, regardless of income.

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100% Transparent Accountability

We are a multi-year recipient of the GuideStar Seal of Transparency and ensure every dollar is having the most impact possible. 

100% Commitment to Serving

Our counselors, staff, and board members are committed to seeing those in need be reached with affordable, faith-honoring counseling. 

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