Kristin Lothman

Kristin Lothman

I serve women who are experiencing anxiety, stress or burnout. Not only in their lives but also their bodies experience. These women long for greater satisfaction & richness in their lives & hearts.

In a safe setting, I help women gently explore deep-seated thoughts & patterns. We will explore the family of origin experiences, and/or social history that builds up and keeps you feeling empty. I encourage women to claim their inner self and identify their own needs. May you come to know in your heart that you matter. Your needs matter. That you are able to tend to your own distress and discover a deeper connection with your mind & body. May you be able to give your spiritual gifts, resources, and abilities from a place of abundance. Most importantly you deserve to experience joy.

A Little More About Kristin Lothman

Kristin Lothman, MSW, LCSW, 200RYT has been serving the Jacksonville community as a clinical social worker since 2010. She received her Bachelor’s in Arts from Davidson College in 2004, her Master’s in Social Work from Florida State University in 2010, and became licensed in 2012 (Lic. #: SW11033). Kristin has extensive knowledge on the psychosocial impact of cancer, and she values integrative, evidence-based approaches that support holistic health & healing. Also, she has worked with individuals, children & families facing chronic and/or terminal illness. Kristin teaches social work at the university level, is committed to growing responsible clinical social workers. And is a state qualified supervisor and is also available to work with registered clinical social work interns pursuing licensure.

As an avid yoga & mindfulness practitioner: she spends her free time traveling to, learning from, and connecting with people who desire a deeper relationship with life itself. Kristin has many and meaningful relationships that support her in her own quest for wholeness and strength. And, she loves to help others access this same strength and goals in their own minds & bodies. Her approach to individual therapy is client-centered, where both of you work together as a team to achieve your goals. Above all, she believes in the life-changing power of the human connection and works carefully to nurture a safe relationship. This gives her clients freedom to tune in to their own hearts if they so choose. Areas where she offers support: spiritual growth, healthy living, stress reduction, coping with illness, depression, anxiety, grief & loss.

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