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Scholarship Fund 

The Counseling Scholarship Fund

At Life Renewed Counseling, we understand the desire to make a difference. We are delighted to invite you to invest in our capacity to do that by supporting the Counseling Scholarship Fund and/or the Counseling Scholarship Investment Fund of Life Renewed Counseling.

Through Life Renewed Counseling, there is a unique opportunity to contribute to the mental health wellness of those less fortunate. Your contribution to either fund allows Life Renewed Counseling to fulfill its mission in “Providing healing and growth through affordable, faith-honoring counseling.” Life Renewed Counseling has a long-established track record for meeting the needs of our community through counseling since 1971. 

Our objective is clear, to bridge the gap between those who have the means to afford therapy and those who do not; and to offer a safe place where psychology and theology can intersect. We do not simply advocate for mental health; we actively participate in the healing process. We do this by providing state-licensed therapists to meet the behavioral health needs of our clients where the American Counselor Association’s ethics and professional standards are observed.

Click Here to learn more our the Counseling Scholarship Investment Fund and the Counseling Scholarship Fund.

Financial Accountability

100% Financial Accountability

Every dollar we receive is accounted for and used wisely. Donors help ensure everyone can get the help they need, regardless of income.

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100% Transparent Accountability

We are a multi-year recipient of the GuideStar Seal of Transparency and ensure every dollar is having the most impact possible. 

100% Commitment to Serving

Our counselors, staff, and board members are committed to seeing those in need be reached with affordable, faith-honoring counseling. 

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