Reflections by Rev. Lou Lothman, Th.D.

Holy Week 2020 It is the midst of Holy Week in the Western Christian church, where I am most likely in public ways to hang my hat. One take on

Post-Easter Musings In 2020 COVID19 Pandemic

Rev. Louis R. Lothman, Th.D. Sitting a week or so past Western Christendom’s Easter, and in the immediacy of Eastern Christendom’s culmination of Holy Week, there is much talk and

Managing Our Stress During COVID-19

Social distancing is affecting us more than we may have anticipated. During these times, make sure you do a mental health check-in with yourself and your loved ones. Turn off

Take the Next Best Step

An early Christian writer, Basil of Cappadocia once wrote, “All of us have a race to run towards our appointed end.  So, we are all ‘On the Way.’  You are
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